What Happened When I Quit My Job, Moved to a New City, and Launched a Startup

This just happened to me.... like 17 days ago happened. So I'm very much still a mix of emotions - excited, happy, curious, nervous, TERRIFIED, bored, lonely, thrilled, relaxed, free, TERRIFIED... and I have this idea.

OPTIMISM/REALISM - Of course, I think it's a great idea (that will change the world, forever), but ideas are only as good as the ACTUAL customers you get - and it's a very daunting task to attempt to build a network from scratch and find people to trust you enough to support your company. If I'd launched before I moved, I would have the network needed to get things rolling faster, but I didn't (mostly out of fear and not being willing to leave my comfort zone - like most people, I've never NOT worked for someone else) - so I'm going to every networking event I can wedge my toe into, trying to get in front of decision-makers and casually insert my elevator pitch. But aside from working on my business plan, I spend the rest of my days fighting the battle between the need to spread the word about my company on social media and the distraction of logging on to social media - AND the battle between "patience is a virtue" and growing up in the microwave generation. Because let's be real - the need to be constantly connected is an addiction that's almost impossible to break.

THINKING/ACTING - With the decision to take the plunge and launch a company, comes sifting through all of the available information and resources that can "help you start a business." This is my least and most favorite part of the whole process - absorbing as much information as possible (love), and deciding which information to act on and how to act on it (hate). The "what ifs" are endless... END.LESS. But the hardest part was taking the first step of being okay with not clocking in and out, so now that I've got that out of the way, it's more about keeping the momentum and referring to the "grit reserve" when momentum isn't around. 

JOURNEY - It's already been a crazy 3 weeks, so I can only imagine what the next few months will be like. I'm still terrified, but more excited than anything, so I hope you'll join me for the ride. 

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