We're giving office restrooms a serious upgrade... 

Introducing XenaFree, a subscription service that keeps your personal stash of feminine care products stocked at work. We install a secure cabinet in your office restroom, you tell us what brands you use each month, and we keep them stocked. 



1. Women make up more than 47% of the workforce.

2. We spend about 1/3 of our lives at work, and NEED access to basic necessities.

3. Coin-operated sanitary dispensers have supplies that are borderline useless, and are the same designs used 100 years ago.

4. NO ONE likes going to the store for feminine hygiene products.

5. Now there's a better option... and it's only $12 per month!



We're Creating a SHEvolution

  • Disrupting the feminine hygiene product space by introducing a simple, cost effective way to get the products you need, when you need them most. 
  • We'll customize a secure cabinet to fit in the ladies' restroom(s) in your office.
  • You and your coworkers will create a XenaFree account and tell us which products you use.
  • We deliver the products to keep the cabinet stocked (and keep track of what's been removed).
  • Only people that subscribe will get secure access to the cabinet.
  • Corporate sponsorships available too!